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IT Manpower can also fulfill the government vacancy.

Published On: 5 years ago | November 7, 2017

There are the several it course in Nepali. In the recent news i heart that nepali vacancy demands some IT officer from the engineer department. It was very great news but the condition was that demand was from only the pulchowk campus. It means that the manpower who was passed from the Pulchowk engineering campus was only the capable for that vacancy.

The students from the another stream and from another university were started to demand with government of Nepal to fulfill for the vacancy post. The issue was created bigger than all was expected. After the big discuss on it now government of Nepal conform that all the student and manpower of the IT is capable for the student.


Thank to nepali government for giving the opportunity to fulfill the form for vacancy. All the Nepalese IT students are filling the vacancy.

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